The Most Viable Alternative for the 5-Points Intersection

Why Build A Roundabout?

In some locations, signal controlled intersections are inherently inefficient.  Such is the case here in League City at the 5-Points. This inefficiency is largely due to five busy roads converging into two closely spaced intersections that are signal controlled. It is nearly impossible to time the lights to properly handle the various traffic flows that occur throughout the day.  In this unique situation the modern roundabout will generally outperform these signal-controlled intersections because they are able to passively accommodate these diverse traffic flows. Moreover, a set of two modern roundabouts that have been designed specifically to address this situation will likely outperform any other solution, particularly those presented by Peter Polk and OCCAM Engineering.  Not only will modern roundabouts finally solve the congestion problems but they will also provide a number of other noteworthy benefits that demand our attention...

Roundabouts save lives...

  • Up to a 90% reduction in fatalities
  • 78% reduction in injury crashes
  • 48% reduction in all crashes
  • Up to a 40% reduction in pedestrian crashes
  • 75% fewer conflict points than a traditional intersection
  • High energy head-on and T-bone crashes are eliminated

Slower vehicle speeds mean...

  • Drivers have more time to judge and react to other cars or pedestrians
  • It's advantageous for older and novice drivers
  • A reduction in the severity of crashes
  • It's safer for pedestrians

Efficient traffic flow...

  • 30% to 50% increase in traffic capacity
  • Improved traffic flow for intersections that handle a high number of left turns
  • Reduced need for storage lanes allows for narrow roads 

Reduction in pollution and fuel use...

  • Save hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel annually because vehicles seldom stop
  • The absence of large vehicle queues reduces contaminated water runoff and vehicle emissions

Money saved...

  • No signal equipment to install, power, and maintain
  • May require less right of way than the existing intersections
  • On average $5,000 per year per intersection in electricity and maintenance costs
  • Service life of a roundabout is 25 years compared with 10 years for a traditional traffic signal

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