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Roundabouts: What are they?

What is a modern roundabout? 

There is a common misconception that all circulatory roadways are roundabouts.  Modern roundabouts should not be confused with their older cousins, the traffic circle, rotary, and gyratory.  This is often the case, so it is important to be clear about certain key distinctions so that we may communicate effectively with one another. A modern roundabout is a traffic control device that is used to manage the flow of traffic through three or more intersecting roadways simultaneously and without the need for stop signs or signal lights.  Having been used for decades in Europe and elsewhere around the world they are nothing new. 

Typically, modern roundabouts are –

  • smaller than rotaries
  • designed for slower entry, circulating, and exit speeds
  • always adhere to a “yield-at-entry” principle of traffic control
  • designed with a raised splitter island to slow and deflect traffic prior to entry
  • designed to facilitate safer pedestrian crossings
  • designed to follow a same lane entry, same lane exit principle at multilane roundabouts (Lane changes in the circulatory roadway are forbidden)

Source:Time Magazine, September 2008

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